Bite Me Not - What a Deal Set!

Bite Me Not - What a Deal Set!
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Olive You....for Valentines Day

It's almost February.....and welcome to my blog.  I hope that this new year of 2014 has started off fantastic and brings with it health, happiness and that you find the simple things in life that bring you true peace and joy.  There is nothing better than having a pure peace within you so that as you on this journey of life, you are stable and can ride the waves in a forward motion.  

I am at home today and have my list of "to dos".  I love my lists.  I love organization.  I love time and so wish I could multiply myself to develop my entrepreneur skills and have time to create, learn and do it all.  The website Pinterst has created in a me too many "want to dos".  So much fun and so much creativity to explore....does anyone else have this problem? 

I just popped out from its mold a batch of Lemon & Clove with Poppyseed for exfoliation and a batch of Ocean Rain for a fresh & clean scent.  These are some of my best sellers and I needed to stock up after Christmas.  Today I am making Patchoulli and Sandlewood Vanilla.  Oh, I love these smells and the benefits of essential oils are so healthy of us.   Patchouli is used for an anti depressant that can help people get over the feeling of being depressed and fills them with new hopes.   Patchouli also promotes growth by helping to generate the production of new body cells such as skin cells to keep the body looking vibrant and young.  Patchouli also generates red blood cells as well.  Sandlewood, another favorite, is used as an anti spasmodic which is a relaxant and sedative in nature.  Sandlewood relaxes nerves, muscles and blood vessels so that it ends spasms or contractions. This is helpful when treating coughs, cramps and aches, etc.  Lastly, Sandlewood can be used as a memory booster.  I know for myself over the years, too many things need to be stored in my mind and I cannot seem to remember them all.  Sandlewood improves memory and induces concentration to keep the brain relaxed.  It also saves us from undue stress and anxiety.  

And with Valentines Day coming up, Olive You or better known as (I love you) is celebrating your Valentine and how beautiful she is with their Valentine's Day Gift Set.  This set includes a Sea Salt Scrub, an Organic Soap, a Massage Oil and a Lip Balm.  Check out the website in the store under Valentines Day at

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