Bite Me Not - What a Deal Set!

Bite Me Not - What a Deal Set!
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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Roll-Ons for you!

    Roll-On Essential Oils....Anytime & Anywhere!
    If you have not yet discovered Roll-On Essential Oils, then you are going to love them!    And if you are asking what a Roll-On is, then read on my friend!  A Roll-On is simply a small glass tube with a ball on top that you can roll on your essential oils with.  They can be filled with a carrier oil and then your favorite essential oil or a synergy blend. Your next question might be what is a synergy blend.  A simple definition for “synergy” that is used in aromatherapy is the "working together of two essential oils that result in an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects."  You can get a more powerful therapeutic result when essential oils are blended together rather than when each oil is used individually.
    The Essential Olive carries several Roll-Ons  I recently took a little vacation back east to visit family and brought my Roll-Ons.  They traveled well, no mixing each time I needed one, no leaking, no messes and they were great for grabbing whatever one I needed and tossing it in my pocket. At home, I have them in my purse, on the desk at work, the computer backpack and in the car.  They are durable and I have even dropped them on cement and they did not break!  I love them!  From sore muscles and headaches to those female monthly symptoms!
    So where do you start?  Well let The Essential Olive help you and start by identifying what your need is and then choose the appropriate blend.  

    (Below, The E3's name is the name listed in parenthesis.) 
    Protect synergy blend provides a defense against infections and it supports the immune system.  (Protection)
    Calming synergy blend calms and relaxes the body, mind and spirit. (Relax)
    NoMigraines synergy blend is designed to help relieve the symptoms of migraine headaches.  (Migraine)
    Feminine is a synergy blend eases the discomfort and imbalances of PMS, peri-menopause,menopause and promotes the sense of well-being.  (Female)
    Inflammation is designed to calm overworked muscles from physical activities.  (Muscle Soothe)
    Breath brings to ease congestion, reduce the risk of infection and support the immune system.  (Respiratory)
    Tense synergy blend is designed to calm the mind, relax the body and promote a sense of well being.  (Stress Relief)

    Sleepwell synergy blend will bring relaxation and comfort before bedtime to encourage a deep & restful sleep.  (Sleeptime) 
    Lastly, to use the Roll-Ons you can simply roll them on your temple, chest, forehead,  back of neck, wrists, torso and bottom of feet.  You can also apply a small amount in the palm of your hands, cup your hands over your nose and inhale.
    Have fun rolling on and don't forget The Essential Olive will be at the Bethel Bazaar, December 5th and the Mosaic Marketplace at Big League Dreams on December 5th and 6th!   To make it even better for the CHRISTMAS special, you can buy 3 Roll-Ons and get your 4th one free! 
    Other tips...

    Click on the word Christmas so that you can order your stocking stuffers and gifts from The Essential Olive today.  For a bigger selection shop the bazaars!  

    As a reference, you can visit for more information on essential oils. 
    All E3 essential oils that you purchase from through The Essential Olive are discounted 20%.  If I don't have it in stock, I can order it and you will receive a 20% discount AND free shipping!  
    If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at (Essential oils are not sold on the website, so please email me.)and don't forget to check out my website at  

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